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Nri Warriors of Peace

In this stunning debut novel, Anunobi chronicles a people whose civilization and immutable spirit have endured and thrived for more than a millennium, yet their origin is still the subject of much speculation.

With the information he gathered from four years of extensive research and the knowledge he gained growing up in Nigeria and hearing the oral history of Nri civilization and observing its rituals, Anunobi presents a dazzling and unforgettable vision of the people and culture of Nri.

NRI WARRIORS OF PEACE by Chikodi Anunobi follows several generations of Nri, focusing on the time of two Eze Nri (kings) Igwe Nwadike, the beloved elder statesman and his reluctant successor, Okoye, a successful trader of common birth. Set long ago in a place far removed from most readers lives, this story is a tale of mysticism and commonplace pursuits, of treachery and honor, of actions and their consequences.

Anunobi celebrates and embraces the life of a people and a culture, whose interactions with each other and with the natural and spiritual world, can open new perspectives into our own lives.

NRI WARRIORS OF PEACE is an enriching literary experience that underscores and affirms the universality of human experience and will inevitably generate more interest into the Nri civilization.

As readers delve into the lives of this colorful cast of characters and learn more about the choices they faced and the lives they led, they will surely recognize that they’re not very far removed from this seemingly exotic culture.

Indeed, we share many of the same traits, and we can learn many powerful lessons from the Nri people.


Chikodi Anunobi was born and raised in Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Washington, Seattle USA, he is a Data Analyst who, with his family live in United States. He remains a student of political science and social philosophy. His first novel, Nri Warriors of Peace won the USA Best Books Award in the Multicultural Fiction category.

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